NSU Quickly

one of the first projects that we finished was actually before PE as a company existed. it is though very characteristic for the way we want to work. In those days I was just returning from my bachelor traineeship and so disappoited about the way restorations took place in that particular shop. they were working on the best of the best vintage motors, but everything was budget and therefore at 75 % of the maximum result. Still being a student I wanted to prove I could do better.

I found a project in the NSU Quickly “van oorschot”, a Dutch special of the Quickly. and decided to restore it, “no expences saved” to better as new.

the pictures below will give a good view about how this was done. it started with a puzzel, the NSU was in pieces when I bought her. all parts were stripped to bare metal, coated inside and out, and then sprayed with a total of 6 layers of paint polished in between. everything that was not 100% was made new or when available ordered.

brakes are redone, engine got a full overhaul, chosen was to keep her original and not go for the quicker 1.7hp cylinder.

the wheels of the van oorschot had a different “not standard” size. and although they were savable, tyres are not made anymore. The original size rims are still with the moped, but to make it possible to drive her safely we installed 1 inch smaller.

fully working even with the matching tools in the box she was taken on het maiden trip to the licencing agency in holland.

great project and finished the way we like to finish work: perfection